Series story arc for The Americans season 7 (AMC)

January 13, 2017


Watching the news in the last few days while in Boston I felt compelled to draft out a story line for one of my favorite TV series “The Americans”

Here is the story arc for their 2018 season:

“We fast forward to 2016: 27 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia is still pulling the strings in the USA, and tries to install a puppet president by manipulating the media, hacking the internet and hoodwinking the public. There are clear signs of this, due to inept cover ups and mistakes but it seems no one cares, and he is elected anyway, to the amazement of the Kremlin + World. With such an amazing coup, Russia is able to take the embargoes off Cuba to the extent that it can install ICBMs on it. And then fights a proxy war against China by stirring up tensions in North Korea and the South China Seas. The new president then erects trade tariffs with the world, throwing the international banking system into a swoon. He then pulls USA troops out of Europe and Eastern Europe panics, allowing Russian troops into former vassals like Latvia (pretext to annex Kaliningrad Oblast, rest of Ukraine etc #truefax). The UK, normally a useful ally is completely distracted by its own Russian manipulated Brexit so is of no use – except that principled former members of its secret agencies leak out documents about the US President having links to Russia, but again, like water off a ducks back, it seems the public and media does not care, and the new Presidents popularity soars.

But the President cares, and fires Stan Beeman, the Head of the FBI in retaliation.

Meanwhile in the Kremlin, Putin and chums are like a drunk Beavis and Butthead playing a 1980s computer game, and dare each other to make the new president say things live on air in news conferences. “Vladimir, Make him say ‘My Butt Smells'”, “No lets make him say ‘Mad Dog'” “Hee hee hee” They snigger.

Watching in despair, are Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, who have been dormant for 27 years, and have since had to actually work successfully as Travel Agents, starting up the first dot com travel site (no money from Kremlin but the computer skills Philip picked up really became useful, thanks KGB).

Now they are truly Americans, feeling loyalty to the democratic system they once worked hard to destroy. They are so horrified with the misinformation foisted on the US public that that they work against their former spymaster bosses. Using spycraft, they install their children Paige and Henry into positions of power: congress and the media. They work to reveal the truth behind the lies, finding proof that the President and media are puppets of Russia.

But in a bitter irony, it is Stan Beeman who is handed false information and they are denounced as spies for Russia. Stan hunts them down and accuses them in a dramatic climax. He kills Elizabeth, and shoots Philip, but as Philip dies, he tells Stan all they had done over the last 35 years and Stan, unable to live with the shame, shoots himself.

Still, there is hope. The Jennings kids are now in the Democrats and Paige becomes the democrats choice to be the next president of the USA, hooray!”

Nah, no one would believe that…




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