I’m a TV SugarDaddy. BN status here I come.

July 11, 2008

Wednesday I attended a class for dads-to-be run by the HotMamas people.  It was Suusje’s first class but she ran it totally professionally.

The reason for the re-run course was that Dutch TV presenter (and currently 28 weeks pregnant) Brigitte Maasland was making a series of programmes o what it’s like to be expecting. One of the segments was to drop in on the HotMama’s spin off course for desperate dads and get the male perspective.

What with Television being a strange world, most of the Future Fathers there were actually already Present Parents, i.e faking it.

I had to listen (and speak) in dutch all evening – a major achievement for me. I made many mistakes and probably made a real fool of myself when I tried to express how sexy I thought pregnancy was.

Brigitte was charming and funny. In the pictures you can see her trying on a wrap to support a small baby. The guys were very friendly plu Suusje ran a great course. I guess you’ll see me on TV in the autumn


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